[Introduced in real sake brewery study abroad TV media] Introduced in RKB's town pre!


hello everyone! This is Massu from hands-on local sake!

Real sake brewery study abroad started

Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad, the first service update this year.

“Real sake brewery study abroad” is Japan’s first ultra-short-term “real sake brewery study abroad service” where you can experience sake brewing at a sake brewery and have the sake that you have been involved in making delivered to your home. It's a so-called one-day brewery experience!

Various people applied for it and it was well received, but it was also introduced in RKB's Machi Puri ❗️

What is RKB Machi Puri?

What is MachiPuri?

Feel the “town” of Fukuoka and appreciate the “town”!
Delivering "interesting!"
An hour to make you love Fukuoka even more with unique commentators!

So this is a program that features various initiatives in fukuoka.

Click here for Machi-Puri official website

Live broadcast from Wakatakeya Sake Brewery on January 24, 2022

At Wakatakeya Sake Brewery, one of the venues for the Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad, members of RKB broadcast live!

Recruiting real sake brewery study abroad participants!

In January and February, several sake breweries are accepting participants for real sake brewery study abroad, so please join us!

Click here for a list of real sake brewery study abroad programs currently recruiting