Refund policy

[Refund policy] Hands -on local Sake

Once the product arrives at hand, please check if you have a different order from the order, or that the product is not enough.

[About initial failure]
The quality is perfect, but in the unlikely event that the product is damaged or defective, we will accept returns and exchanges. We will bear the return shipping fee at that time.

Be sure to contact us by email or telephone within 7 days after receiving the product.

In the case of initial failure of large products, it will be replaced with defective parts.

Sorry to trouble you, but please attach a photo of the damaged or defective part, and specify the situation in detail as much as possible.

Until you confirm that the product is not defective, please do not discard the cardboard that you are trying to pack.

We will respond as soon as possible, but please note that it may not be possible to replace it immediately depending on the stock situation.

In the case of returned goods due to defective products, we will refund immediately to the specified account.

Returns of large -scale assembly products require customer's packaging when delivering the product to the delivery company. Sorry, please pack it to the state at the time of product delivery.

If you use other companies such as business trip assembly on the customer after delivery, be sure to check the package product before arranging.

Please understand in advance that we do not compensate for business trip assembly fees, business trip expenses, etc. due to the discovery of damage, parts missing, etc., such as performing a business trip assembly at the same time as the product delivery.

Please note that returned or exchanged after 8 days from delivery cannot be accepted in any case.

[About cancellation / return / exchange due to customer reasons]
Please note that we cannot accept returned or exchanged after the product (except for the initial defectation or misleading) due to the customer's convenience due to the characteristics of the purchase agency.

"Cooling -off" is a system applied to door -to -door sales.

Cooling -off is not required for mail order.

This Internet mail order does not apply a cooling -off system for mail order from customers. Please note.

The shipping fee for returned goods if you want to cancel and return the goods will be borne by the customer. Please return it by "Original payment".

If you can confirm that there is no problem after the returned product arrives in our shop, you can find the entire agency fee included in the product, a reception fee at the time of product shipping, cash on delivery fee, refund transfer fee (uniform 550). Yen), we will refund the amount that subtracts the packing material fee.

* The following cases are an example of "returned goods for customer's convenience".
Returned without any reason
Returns for reasons that deviated from extremely common sense, such as "the texture and color of the product were slightly different", and "there are small scratches that you can not understand unless you look at the products that are not packaged."
Returns for reasons such as not waiting when it takes time to exchange products and parts due to initial defective products
Returns if you do not like the product, such as "bigger than expected", "heavy / light", "hard smell", "not confident to assemble"
Returns for reasons such as the arrival date and time
Returns for reasons such as difficult to understand the instructions and not included parts such as the installation screws.

If you cannot cancel, return or exchange

The following items cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged.

Products that have been over 8 days since delivery
Products used by customers at least once or products assembled in one place
Products that have been dirty and damaged by customers
Custom -made custom products specified by our customers (such as large products that are easily damaged)
Fabric fabric and fabric are not allowed even if they are not used
Lighting fixtures, light bulbs, remodeled products that have been energized even once

[Long -term absence / refusal to receive] If you are absent when delivering the product

Please be sure to contact each delivery company sales office directly within 5 days.

Please be sure to take the product you send at the responsibility of the customer.

In the unlikely event that you can not collect your luggage even after the storage period of the absent package, your luggage will return to this shop.

Please note that you will be charged for the required expenses [round -trip shipping (amount different from the shipping amount on the product page) + agency fee + labor costs + package costs, etc.]. Thank you.

If you order a fictitious or other person's personal information (name, address, telephone number, etc.) without permission.

Applicable if there is any other act of inconvenience or damage besides the above.

If the malicious acts described above cause any inconvenience or damage to our shop or many good customers, immediately submit the damage report to the police, request the police to disclose information to the provider, or dispose of the provisional disposal by our shop. The application will be made to the court, the disclosure order will be exercised, and the mischievous orderer will be specified and claimed for damages.