Sake -specialized type
"SAKE Crafan"

"SAKE Krafan" is a sake -special crafan service♪Support the brewery project and have a consciousness of sake culture!
Sake -specialized crafts

Japan's first sake -specific crafts!
That's "sake crafts"

Planning "Our Sake" with the team

Each investor owns alcoholic stocks according to the investment ratio♪
"Our sake" at a team meeting
Let's plan!

You are in sake tank!

You who have invested in the sake tank owner!
Make one team for each tank!

Participate in sake brewing as an owner

Real sake brewery studying abroad (sake brewing experience) or Premium Sake Brewery event only for the owner!
Full of benefits unique to owners.

Selling “Our SAKE” together

Build together, sell together.

An unprecedented virtual sake brewery management experience.

our thoughts

Why did you start SAKE Krafan?
The current state of the sake industry and future visions,
It spells the thoughts we value.

List of participating sake breweries

To the sake brewery who would like to post the project

If you want to post a project at SAKE Crafan, please contact the following.

■ Contact

Regarding liquor sales

We do not sell alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 20.
drinking is not allowed before 20.

Drunk driving is prohibited by law.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding
It may affect the development of fetuses and infants.

Drink deliciously and in moderation. Recycling after drinking.