[About the 60th birthday plan] Design list

Let's make your own sake to celebrate your father's and mother's 60th birthday!

The sixtieth birthday celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime important celebration.
In order to express my gratitude to my parents who raised me until now,
Let's give a special sake that we have been involved in sake brewing ourselves as a celebratory sake.

In the first place, what is the sixtieth birthday celebration?

Why do we celebrate the 60th birthday?
I think that everyone thinks of the 12 signs of the zodiac such as "child, ox, tiger, rabbit ...", but to be exact, there are 60 types of zodiac combining the 11 zodiac signs.
Since the combination of the sexagenary cycle and the ten bones completes one cycle every 60 years, it is said to be the 60th birthday, and since the Kamakura period, it has been celebrated as a day of longevity and a milestone to give thanks.

What's special about the Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad - Sixtieth Birthday Celebration Plan?

・You will make a special sake for your parents!
-“Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad” is a one-day brewery experience where you can experience serious sake brewing at a sake brewery and deliver freshly squeezed sake to your home.
Sake you make with your own hands, not purchased sake, is completely different!

・Engrave your gratitude to your parents on a sake bottle!
-For this plan only, we will engrave your gratitude on the sake bottle by etching.
A sake bottle carved with feelings of gratitude is full of premium feeling!
Let's make one of the sixtieth birthday celebration sake in the world with your own hands! !

design list

etching bottle

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