[Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad] New Year Campaign 2023

Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad 2023 New Year Campaign

"Sake made by yourself is delicious!"
〜Challenging Sake Brewing with Brewers〜

“Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad” is a very short-term brewery experience service where you can experience sake brewing at a sake brewery and have the sake you have been involved in making delivered to your home!

① Know the sake brewery that suits you with the LINE diagnosis of your study abroad destination!

② Screenshot the diagnosis result!

③Tag @handsonlocalsake and #sake brewery study abroad on Instagram and post a story!

\Click here for the online diagnosis of the study abroad destination/

\Total 9 people/

Free invitation to "Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad" at 9 sake breweries in Kyushu (1 person each)!

You can experience sake brewing at the sake brewery displayed in the study abroad destination LINE diagnosis.
After applying for "Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad", the full amount will be cashed back!

\Privilege for all applicants/

Cashback of 3,300 yen (tax included) for all applicants!

You can participate for 16,500 yen (including shipping and tax).
*If the tickets are sold out, you will not be able to participate, so please purchase as soon as possible.

① Apply for “Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad”.

② After confirming your name, Instagram ID, and LINE ID, we will cash back in order.

From Friday, January 6, 2023 to 23:59 on Monday, January 9, 2023

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Announced on Hands-on Local SAKE official Instagram post *DM will be sent only to 9 winners.

Saga / Miyaki Town

Amabuki Sake Brewery

Saga/Kiyama Town

Kiyama store

Saga/Kashima City

Baba Sake Brewery

Saga/Kashima City

Kobu Sake Brewery

Saga/Kashima City

Yano Sake Brewery

Fukuoka/Munakata City

Katsuya Sake Brewery

Fukuoka/Kitakyushu City

Mizokami Sake Brewery

Oita / Saiki City

Daichi Sake Brewery

Oita/Hita City

Kuncho Brewery