What is Local SAKE Guide?

Local SAKE Guide Sake Brewery Guide

What is Local SAKE Guide?

A local sake guide is a guide who guides you through a real sake brewery study abroad (one-day brewery experience).

In addition, as the right-hand man of the sake brewery, we will work together to create various plans to boost the sake industry and disseminate information on local sake culture.

Let's achieve "regional revitalization from sake breweries" with the local SAKE guide team!

Purpose of LSG

As the right-hand man of the sake brewery,
Making the diversity of sake culture last forever

LSG goals

Create an option to "go to a sake brewery!"




Enjoy working as the right-hand man of the sake brewery



Various encounters with brewers and tourists



Get paid, not volunteer




Enjoy working as the right-hand man of the sake brewery



Various encounters with brewers and tourists



Get paid, not volunteer

Application Requirements

What is a Local SAKE Guide (hereinafter: LSG)?
This is a new system that has never existed in the Japanese sake industry.
I love Japanese sake, I want to support sake breweries, and I want to convey the appeal of Japanese sake!

We are looking for such people!

Number of people

1 person per brewery

Working hours/period

8: 30-15 :00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (depending on the content of the experience)
Real sake brewery study abroad ((One-day brewery experience) is limited to winter)
Experiences in spring, summer, and autumn depend on planning

I recommend this hotel

  • i like sake
  • I want to support sake culture and sake breweries
  • I like to guide and explain something to someone
  • I want to do meaningful work, not just work
  • I want to have a side job on weekends and holidays
  • Within 30 minutes from your residence to the sake brewery
  • Has a sake-related qualification such as a sake master
  • can speak english
  • have overseas experience

*It doesn't have to apply to all *The most important thing is the desire to support sake breweries.

Flow to become LSG


online meeting

LSG certified

Current Sake Industry

(1) Serious decline in Japanese sake among young people

A private survey revealed that 70% of people in their 20s and 30s hadn't drunk sake within a year, revealing the fact that young people in Japan are moving away from sake.

Quote: Questionnaire survey of men and women across Japan on actual consumption of Japanese sake, surveyed by Tatenokawa Sake Brewery

(2) Diversification and globalization of alcoholic beverages

While sake is gaining popularity overseas, it is also true that the choice of sake is decreasing due to the abundant variety of alcohol in Japan.

(3) Decrease in demand for food and beverages due to COVID-19

Due to the influence of the new corona, online work and telework have spread rapidly.

As a result, total demand for food and beverages is expected to decrease to 70-80% for WITH Corona and AFTER Corona.

Most of the decrease is due to business dinners and business trip demand, which is the customer base that has supported the consumption of sake.

In addition, the Japanese sake industry has been in decline since before the corona virus. In its heyday around 1973, there were more than 4,000 sake breweries. About 1,000 sake breweries are said to be officially in operation.

Since we will be in a tougher situation after the WITH/AFTER corona, drastic structural reforms are necessary, and instead of relying solely on sake breweries as in the past, breweries themselves need to create fans. .

Therefore, a new market
And we need to win new sake fans.
The answer is "sake brewery x sightseeing experience"
In other words, it is [real sake brewery study abroad]!

About Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad

Daily life of brewers is extraordinary for drinkers

Real sake brewery study abroad is a so-called one-day brewery experience where you can experience sake brewing at a sake brewery.


Sake brewing experience
Freshly squeezed sake 720ml

event date

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the brewing period (November to April)

Number of participants

Up to 6 people per session

From January to April 2022, 6 Kyushu breweries will be held at the same time! Great response!

Participating sake breweries

[Fukuoka] Katsuya Sake Brewery, Wakatakeya Sake Brewery
[Saga] Totsuru Sake Brewery, Amabuki Sake Brewery, Yano Sake Brewery
[Nagasaki] Mori Sake Brewery

(Alphabetical order)

Special broadcast on TNC, RKB,
Introduced in Jalan Sake Travel Book!

Participant's voice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a fixed period for LSG?
  • LSG starts recruiting in August every year, and full-scale activities start in September. The contract period is one year.
  • Can the sake brewery explain the brewery to LSG?
  • of course. If you are certified as an LSG, first of all, the sake brewery will explain the brewery and the actual sake brewing.