Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)
Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)

Oretachi no Hiran (released on 9/4)

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Regarding shipping

It will be delivered from the Hands-on Local SAKE office from October 5th.
Shipping date: Every Monday and Friday (excluding holidays)

If you purchase a carton (12 bottles), Mori Sake Brewery will ship it to you.


For a limited time only, we are running a campaign where if you purchase 1 case (12 bottles), shipping will be free for restaurants!
*Until 10/31 (Tue)

After purchasing, we would be happy if you could post the pairing menu that matches our Hiran on SNS etc.

“Oretachi no Hiran” is a one-of-a-kind SAKE fan project that attracted attention with a goal achievement rate of 1,060%, 110 owners plan investors (total number of supporters: 134), and an investment amount of 3,181,000 yen. This is alcohol.

“Our Hiran” was planned by a total of 110 people.
What is the alcohol that embodies Hirado, and what is necessary for Hiran to take off across the country and the world? Please enjoy the taste of Hiran's new challenge, created by the creator and drinker as one team.

Summary of product appeal

  • Planned by a total of 110 sake tank owners
  • Uses No. 6 yeast, a first for Mori Sake Brewery.
  • Uses "Nikomaru" from Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Adopts Kimoto-zukuri using natural lactic acid bacteria manufacturing method
  • Label design that impresses with passion and novelty

Commitment to raw materials and manufacturing methods

Nikomaru (from Hirado)

Edible rice from Nagasaki. The idea is to create a drink that will bring a smile to your face when you drink it, in the same way that rice makes you smile when you eat it.

No. 6 yeast

First used as Mori Sake Brewery. Kyokai yeast isolated from Shinsei Sake Brewery's moromi has strong fermentation power and produces a gentle aroma.

Kimoto making method

A traditional way of making sake that utilizes the power of nature. Using traditional techniques from the Edo period, sake is made from lactic acid bacteria in the brewery, and the brewing process takes more than twice as long as modern techniques.

Unfiltered raw

Japanese sake that is squeezed from moromi and does not undergo any pasteurization (heat treatment). Namazake is further divided into various types depending on the timing of pasteurization and the presence or absence of a process.

[Lottery sale] Nigori sake

A cloudy white sake with plenty of lees. You can enjoy the rich aroma and flavor of rice concentrated in the lees, along with the creamy texture.

Summary of specs

raw materials Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
raw rice Koji) Yamada Nishiki 20%
80% Nikomaru (produced in Hirado)
Rice polishing ratio Koji) 60%
Alcohol degree 13 degrees (raw sake)
Sake mother manufacturing method Kimoto
yeast k601
specification Unfiltered raw *Some nigori sake available
capacity 720ml

Product plan

①1 bottle of raw sake (2,250 yen + tax) *Shipping not included (cool delivery)
②Set of 2 bottles of raw sake (4,500 yen + tax) *Shipping not included (cool delivery)
③ [For restaurants] 1 case (12 bottles) *Free shipping for orders until October 22★NEW ④ [For restaurants] 3 cases (36 bottles) Free shipping
⑤ [Lottery sale | Limited to 61 bottles] Namazake x Nigori sake 2 bottle set (4,650 yen + tax)

Lottery sale | About nigori sake

“Our Hiran” nigori sake is available in a limited edition of 61 bottles!
Nigori sake will be sold by lottery as quantities are limited.

Application method ① Purchase "[Lottery sale] Set of 2 bottles of raw x nigori sake" ② We will send a winning notification email to the winners.

*If you are unsuccessful, you will receive a set of 2 bottles of Namazake.
*The difference will be refunded at a later date.
Lottery acceptance period From 9/4 (Mon) 19:00 to 16 (Sat) 23:59
Winner notification 9/19(Tue)
Notification method A winning notification email will be sent to the winners.
*If you are unsuccessful, you will not be notified.

Date of shipment

Orders placed by Saturday, September 16th will be shipped from Monday, September 25th.
From then on, shipment will be made sequentially.

*Cool shipping

[For those who wish to purchase additionally]
If you would like to purchase additional products and the shipping address is the same, we will refund the difference in shipping costs, so please send your name and order number to the email address below by Saturday, September 16th. Please contact us above.

<Hands-on Local SAKE Secretariat>

[10/7 (Sat) 19:00~]
Online toast with Yutaro Mori

An online toasting event will be held from 19:00 on October 7th (Sat) with the young and talented master brewer Yutaro Mori!

If you order by September 16th (Sat), everyone will be able to participate in the online toasting event with Yutaro Mori!
Would you like to listen to Master Yutaro Mori's thoughts on Japanese sake while having a glass of "Our Hiran" in hand?

How to participate: ZOOM or YouTube Live

*The participation URL will be sent to your registered address the day before the event.

Thoughts on this project

Even before the coronavirus, domestic consumption in the Japanese sake market has been declining year by year, and as a result, about three sake breweries across Japan are being forced out of business every month.Unbeknownst to us general consumers, Local sake is gone.

In order to protect sake, which is a treasure of Japanese culture, we need an overwhelming sense of ownership, passion, and innovative ideas to ``deliver the charm of sake'' through the cooperation of producers, sellers, and drinkers.

The 110 investors this time have been thinking together about how to make ``Our Hiran'' and how to convey the appeal of sake.
I believe that this trinity of efforts will be a great opportunity to lead the sake industry in a bright direction in the future.

Please try drinking the bright red passion of “Our Hiran”.

The thoughts behind our Hiran logo

The Hiran logo is arranged in a hexagon shape that is associated with No. 6 yeast, and the passion of Team Hiran is expressed in red.
We also emphasize the auspiciousness by using red and white colors.
The paper used is ``Miranda Shinku,'' which has a unique luster coated with glass flakes.

The label design is so cool that you'll want to post it on social media, and you'll want to display it in your room even after drinking.

"Our Hiran"
Steps to product completion


Project recruitment started

The ``Oretachi no Hiran'' project, which is the first SAKE club fan project, has started recruiting supporters with the aim of achieving the primary goal of 300,000 yen.


Start of Team Hiran

This unprecedented project achieved its primary goal with astonishing speed.
In the end, we gathered 110 owners plan investors (total number of supporters: 134), achieving a goal achievement rate of 1060% and setting a record of 3,181,000 yen.
This is the anniversary of 110 tank owners starting the race.


First team meeting

Investors who are tank owners from all over the country and brewer Yutaro Mori participate online and decide on the sake quality design after three hours of heated discussion.


Study abroad at a real sake brewery

Six representatives from among the owners worked together to brew ``Our Hiran'' by working on everything from steaming rice to cooling and making koji, which is something they would not normally experience.


Second team meeting

Determine label design, sales price, and sales period.


Premium sake brewery event

Before the sales start, a sake brewery tour will be held. Afterwards, a pairing event was held at the Hirado venue hotel.


"Oretachi no Hiran" sales started

After about three months since the project was released, lottery sales have finally started.


Project scheduled to end

A word from the planner

Hands-on local SAKE

Hands-on Local SAKE is a service that provides events and programs to learn about local sake experientially, with the idea of ​​``creating life-changing encounters through sake.''

This is a bottle that is filled with the thoughts of ``I want to support Mori Sake Brewery'' and ``I want to liven up the Japanese sake industry.'' I hope this book will be an opportunity for new encounters.

love cream

Aishu Cream is one of Japan's largest sake influencer groups with the vision of ``turning the 0-cup group into 1''.

In today's world where the changing seasons are disappearing, there is a way to enjoy the sake we love through our taste buds. Looking at the cherry blossoms and drinking sake, stuffing your face with dango and drinking sake, and touching the snow and drinking snowflakes always enrich our hearts.
Would you like to start with Hiran this year?


Mori Sake Brewery

Founded in 1895. A sake brewery representing Hirado City, a port town that flourished as a base for overseas trade. The representative brand ``Hiran'' is the old name of Hirado. Fans are intoxicated by the delicious sake brewed by Yutaro Mori, a young brewer in his 30s who aims to create the ultimate local sake.

Brand: Hiran

Thank you to everyone who enjoys drinking Japanese sake on a daily basis.
Just as Hiran is the origin of the word Hirado, the Hiran we brew is an alcoholic beverage that expresses the climate of Hirado.

We not only make delicious sake, but through Hiran HIRAN, we aim to help people learn about the wonders of Hirado and make them proud.
To that end, one of our major goals is to spread Hiran throughout the country and around the world, and to spread the appeal of Japanese sake.

We hope that through this project, the number of people who love Hiran HIRAN and love sake will increase even just a little.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us with their purchases.