Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)
Our Horan (released on 9/4)

Our Horan (released on 9/4)

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"Our Horan" was born after the SAKE Crafan Project, which attracted attention, with a target rate of 1,060%, 110 owner plan investors (134 overall supporters), 3,181,000 yen. It is sake.

"Our Horin" was planned by a total of 110 people.
What is a liquor that embodies Hirado, what is needed to fly to the whole country and the world? Please enjoy the taste of the new challenge of Horan, where the creator and the drinker have become one team and arrived.

Summary of the charm of the product

  • A total of 110 sake tank owners planned
  • Use the first Mori Sake Brewery No. 6 yeast
  • Use "Nikomaru" from Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Adopt the natural lactic acid bacterium manufacturing method
  • Label design that impresses passion and novelty

Commitment to raw materials and manufacturing methods

Nikomaru (from Hirado)

Nagasaki edible rice. It contains the desire to be a liquor that can be drunk and smiling as a smile that makes you smile when you eat it.

No. 6 yeast

For the first time as a forest sake brewery. It is a hot yeast separated from the mash of Shinkasu Sake Brewery, which has a strong fermentation power and produces a gentle scent.

Raw construction method

How to make traditional sake that utilizes the power of nature. It is a method of starting making sake from lactic acid bacteria in the warehouse by traditional techniques in the Edo period, and costs more than twice as much as modern technique.


Sake that does not squeeze the moromi and does not fire (heat treatment) at all. Raw sake is divided into various types, depending on the timing of burning and the presence or absence of the process.

[Lottery sales] Nigori sake

A white and cloudy sake with plenty of leis. You can enjoy the rich rice scent and umami condensed in loud with creamy mouthfeel.

Summary of specifications

raw materials Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice)
Raw rice Koji) Yamada Nishiki 20 %
Kakumaru (Hirado) 80 %
Rice poles Koji) 60%
Alcohol degree 13 degrees (raw sake)
Sake mother making method Raw
yeast K601
specification Infiltration
* There is a partial sake
capacity 720ml

Product plan

① One raw sake (2,250 yen+tax) * Not included (cool delivery)
② Set of 2 raw sake (4,500 yen+tax) * Not only shipping (cool delivery))
③ [For restaurants] 1 case (12 bottles) * Free shipping only for orders up to October 22
★New ④ [For restaurants] 3 cases (36 bottles) Free shipping
⑤ [Lottery sale | Limited 61] Raw × Nigori liquor 2 pcs (4,650 yen+tax)

Lottery sales | Nigori sake

"Our Hobiran" is available for 61 limited alcohol!
Nigori liquor is limited quantity, so it will be sold to lottery.

Application method ① Purchase "[lottery sales] Raw x Nigori Sake 2 sets"
② Winning notification email will be sent to the winning person.

* If you are lost, we will deliver it in a set of two raw sake.
* The difference will be refunded later.
Lottery reception period 9/4 (Mon) 19: 00-16 (Sat) 23:59
Won notification 9/19 (Tue)
Notification method We will send a winning notification email to the winner.
* In the case of losing, we will not notify you.

Date of shipment

Orders until September 16 (Sat) will be shipped from September 25 (Mon).
Since then, ships sequentially

* Cool flight departure

[For those who wish to purchase additional]
If you purchase an additional product, if the delivery address is the same, the difference of the shipping fee will be refunded. Please contact us on top.


[10/7 (Sat) 19: 00 ~]
Yutaro Mori and online toast

Yutaro Mori, a young genius, will be on stage and an online toast event will be held from 19:00 on October 7 (Sat)!

If you order by September 16 (Sat), you can participate in the online toast event with Yutaro Mori!
Do you not hear Yutaro Mori's thoughts on sake with "Our Horin" in one hand?

Participation method: ZOOM or YouTube Live

* We will send the participation URL to the registered address the day before the event.

Thought about this project

The domestic consumption of the sake market has been declining year by year, and about three -person sake breweries have been forced to go out of business throughout Japan. Local sake is gone.

In order to protect sake, which is a treasure of Japanese culture, it is necessary to have an overwhelming awareness, passion, and a novel idea of ​​"delivering the charm of sake" with the creators, sellers, and drinkers.

The 110 investors this time have been spontaneously thinking about how to make "our Horan" and how to convey the charm of sake.
I believe that this third -ranking initiative will trigger the future sake industry in a bright direction.

Please drink the bright red passion of "Our Horin".

The thoughts hidden in our flying logo

The Hiran Logo was arranged in a hexagonal shape related to No. 6 yeast, and the passion of Team Hikan was expressed in red.
In addition, we emphasize the taisa by using red and white colors.
The paper quality is made of a unique glossy feeling with a glass flake called "Miranda Shink".

It is a cool label design that makes you want to post SNS unintentionally, and you want to decorate it in your room even after drinking.

"Our Hiran"
Walking to completion of the product


Project recruitment started

The first SAKE Crafan's “Our Horan” project has begun recruiting supporters with the aim of achieving the primary target of 300,000 yen.


Starting of Team Firan

Unprecedented projects have achieved primary goals at an amazing speed.
Eventually, 110 owner plan investors (134 total supporters) were gathered and set a record of 1060%and 3,181,000 yen.
It is an anniversary of 110 tank owners starting starting.


1st team conference

Investors and Yutaro Mori, a tank owner nationwide, participate in online, and after a 3 -hour heated discussion, decide on a sake quality design.


Real sake brewery studying abroad

Six of the owners are on behalf of the work from steamed rice, cooling, and koji making, which are not usually experienced, and brews "our flyan" together.


2nd team conference

Label design, selling price and sales time are determined.


Premium sake brewery event

A brewery tour was conducted before the start of sales. After that, a pairing event was held at Hirado venue hotel.


"Our Fly Ran" is now on sale

It takes about three months since the project was released, and finally launched lottery sales.


Scheduled to end the project

A word from the planner

Hands -on local Sake

Hands -on Local Sake is a service that provides events and programs to learn local sake under the desire to create an encounter that changes life through sake.

One that is so full of the desire to "support the forest sake brewery" and "I want to excite the sake industry". May this one trigger a new encounter.

Sake cream

Sake cream is Japan's largest sake influencer group in Japan with the vision of "making 0 cups of sake 1".

In the modern age, where the four seasons are disappearing, the sake we love has a ceremony that tastes taste. Looking at the cherry blossoms, cherry blossom liquor, dumplings are cheeked and touched by Tsukimi, snow, and Yukimi Sake always enriches our hearts.
Would you like to start this year with Horan?

Manufacturing and distributor

Mori Sake Brewery

Founded 1895. A brewery representing Hirado City, a port town that flourished as a base for overseas trade. The representative brand "Horan" is an old name of Hirado. Fans are drunk with sake brewed by Yutaro Mori, a young man in his thirties who aims for the ultimate local sake.

Brand: Hiran

Thank you very much for your favorite drinking of sake.
Just as Hiran is the word of Hirado, Hiran HIRAN, which we brew, is a liquor that expresses the climate of Hirado.

We are not only making delicious sake, but also aiming to make it be proud to know the splendor of Hirado through Hiran HIRAN.
For that reason, one of our major goals is to use Horan to the whole country, flapping the world, and disseminating the charm of sake.

I hope that the number of people who love Hiran HIRAN and love sake will increase a little through this project.

Finally, thank you for your support and purchase.