2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Sake Brewery Support Project

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To all who were affected by the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake

We express our sincere sympathy to all those affected by the 2024 earthquake (year 6 of the Reiwa era) in the Noto Peninsula.

As a sake company, we want to focus on helping sake brewery owners in particular.

Financial assistance for all the victims is available on other sites, among others, and we hope you can use it.

Project Objective and Meaning

The main objective of the project is to support the owners of breweries damaged by the earthquake on the Noto Peninsula.

We will accompany the restoration and reconstruction of the breweries in order to protect the local economy and culture affected by the earthquake.

Damaged Sake Brewery

Matsunami Sake Brewery "brand: Oeyama" (Ishikawa Prefecture Okunoto)

Damage situation: Home, sake brewery completely destroyed.

Tsuruno Sake Brewery "brand: Yizumi" (Noto Town, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Damage status: Home, shop, sake brewery completely destroyed.

Shirato Sake Brewery "brand: Shiragiku" (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Damage situation:

Stores, offices, storage, residence, barn, storage, and storage refrigerator buildings have collapsed. The storage storehouse is half destroyed (it seems to be close to the completely destroyed), the building itself is OK at the moment. Tanks and machines that squeeze alcohol are significant damage.
(From Shirato Sake Brewery)

Sakurada Sake Brewery "Brand: Daikyoshi" (Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Added 1/3 days. Damage status: completely destroyed sake brewery.

Nakajima Sake Brewery store "Branch: Suehiro" (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Added 1/4 days. Damage situation: Home, half destroyed sake brewery.
Photo: Mr. Kuramoto provided

Hiyoshi Sake Brewery "Branch: Kin Hyo Shiroma" (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Added 1/4 days. Damage status: completely destroyed sake brewery.

Sogen Sake Brewery "Brand: Sogen" (Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Added 1/5 days.

Shimizu Sake Brewery "brand: Noto" (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Added 1/9 days.

Nakano Sake Brewery "brand: Kameizumi" (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Added 1/9 days.

Other sake brewery

These sake breweries are said to have been particularly severely damaged by the earthquake.
In the future, other sake breweries, which are judged to be large, may be added as a support.

I would like to use a sake brewery whose damage to the sake brewery and brewed equipment are severely damaged.

In addition, for sake brewery, such as a large amount of liquor bottles breaks in large quantities, we will call out so that a liquor store that supports this project can be treated priority.

If the number of target sake breweries increases, it will be announced here.

Contact information about the damaged sake brewery

If you know the sake brewery, which is said to be great, please contact us below.

■ Contact: info@sake-kurafan.com
■ Contents, sake brewery, damage status (photos, etc.)

Summary of support contents

Funding for money The collected support will be donated directly to the above sake brewery. It is used as a recovery work and rebuilding of sake brewery.
You can choose the support money from 3,000 yen, so please select it arbitrarily.
LINE open chat

We have launched the supporter's LINE open chat, so please enter.
Let's expand the circle of support.

The latest information on the project will be updated here.

■ LINE Open Chat

LINE Open Chat:
Click here for "Siwa 6th Noni Peninsula Earthquake Sake Brewery Support Project"

A liquor store nationwide

A liquor store nationwide.
We would appreciate it if you could actively handle the affected sake brewery products.
If you are a liquor store that will increase your handling, please contact the following.

We will publicize the liquor store that has received support so that the supporter is easy to purchase.

■ Contact: info@sake-kurafan.com
■ Contents: ① Sakeya name ② In will of participating in the project


Until January 31, 2024.
* The recruitment period may be extended.

Fundraising method

Please select the amount of support and settle on this site.

■ Payment method
・ Credit card (VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB)
・ PayPal
·Bank transfer


The Company will donate the full amount of support for this project, except for the payment fee.

[Contact information about this project]

If you have any other questions or opinions about this project, please contact the following.


[As of Wednesday, January 3, 2024]
Damage status to date

Tsuruno Sake Brewery

Excerpt from Tsuruno Sake Brewery Instagram.

Matsunami Sake Brewery

Excerpt from Matsunami Sake Brewery X.

Support express liquor store

Support statement restaurant


Hands -on local Sake

Hands On Local Sake is a service that provides events and programs to experimentally discover local sake with the idea of "creating a meeting where life changes through sake".

Originally, we have to support all the victims, but we started this project after thinking about what we can do as a Japanese sake company. We would like to express our sincere sympathy to all those affected. Let's do our best together.

Love Sake Cream Club

Love Sake Cream Club One of the largest groups of sake influencers in Japan, with the vision of "making 0 glass of sake 1".

In reconstruction, apart from the sentimental aspect, the financial aspect is also discussed.

We really want to do something. Our thoughts go to the sake producers and those who want to do something for them.

Ishikawa Prefecture was severely affected by the January 1, 2024 earthquake on the Noto Peninsula and is still undergoing reconstruction.

We want many people to cooperate and support us. We have already overcome the great earthquake and disaster of COVID 19.

We look forward to your support.