[Saga Miyaki -cho | Tenbo Sake Brewery] Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad ★1 day brewer experience and tasting

[Saga Miyaki -cho | Tenbo Sake Brewery] Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad ★1 day brewer experience and tasting

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[Delivery of sake experience]
【The meeting place】
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Target age

Time required
About 5-7 hours

Number of experienced people
Up to 6 people

You can deliver the "freshly squeezed liquor" that you have made at a later date!

Tenbuki Sake Brewery Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad

Benefits of participating

  • It's like a real brewer! You can actually experience drinking alcohol!
  • You can deliver the "freshly squeezed liquor" you are involved in to your home at a later date!
  • After the experience, tasting and riot alcohol is possible in the warehouse!
  • The appearance of the experience is a special memory because LSG shoots!
  • A warehouse guide for a guide LSG exclusive to sake brewery!
Tenbuki Sake Brewery Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad

State of actual experiences

About sake brewery

Tianoi Sake Brewery

Over 330 years. A traditional Amabuki Sake Brewery representing Miyaki -cho, Saga Prefecture. Why don't you experience brewing sake by flower yeast from President Sotaro Kinoshita, the 11th generation brewery?

Brand: Tenbuki, Kusaka Musou

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  • 6:15
    JR Kurume Station Suitenguchi (West Exit) Rotary
    LSG will welcome you!

    ★Taxi dispatch free service (JR Kurume Station ⇄ Tempuko Sake Brewery)
    ・ Taxi name: Kurume Nishitetsu Taxi Co., Ltd.
    ・ Taxi type: Small taxi
    * The taxi will depart at 6:20, so please do not be delayed.

  • 6:45
    Tianoi Sake Brewery
  • 6:50

    Orientation is performed for sake manufacturing processes and precautions.

  • 7:00-9:30
    Brewer experience

    ⑴ Koji serving work
    ⑵ Steamed rice
    Release of cooling
    ⑷ Preparation, etc.
    * Please note that the contents will change depending on the preparation status of the day.

  • 10:00-10:30
  • 10:30-12:00
    Proflyed sake, etc.
  • 12:00
    End of work

    * The schedule may be slightly different depending on the alcohol or time to prepare.

  • 12:30-13:30
    Lunch break (free)

    The local SAKE guide will take you to a recommended restaurant nearby.
    * Lunch price is not included in the experience fee.

  • Around 15:30
  • Later (1 month to 2 months)
    Freshly squeezed sake reaches home! ( * Only for those who wish)

About the fee

Experience fee

■ Basic fee
1 person: 10,000 yen

■ Optional
Hope to deliver freshly squeezed experience (liquor involved in the structure): +3,000 yen (shipping included)

■ Remarks
* 10%OFF when participating with 2 or more people
* The price is a tax excluded

What is included in the basic fee

・ Kurajin experience
・ Sake in sake brewery
・ Inside and photography with a local SAKE guide (LSG)

About payment method Credit card payment only
About reservation deadline Until 7 days before
What to prepare

Please come in clean and easy -to -move clothes.
There is no rental such as work clothes, so please bring it with you.

・ T -shirt
・ Towel for wiping sweat
・ Fleece, jerseys, down, etc.
・ Easy -to -move shoes
・ Hats (caps, knit hats, etc.)


Each sake brewery has given a special permission and accepts the experienced people.

This pagePlease be sure to read the "precautions" and follow the manners of the sake brewery.

About cancellation
Until 4 days ago: 0%
3 days ago to 2 days ago: 50% of the reservation fee
The day before to the day: 100% of the reservation fee
Unauthorized cancellation: 100% of the reservation fee
Please be sure to contact us if you cancel.
We will respond to refunds after contacting us.


location Tenbuki Sake Broolling Fund
2894, Higashio, Miyaki-cho, Sanyo-gun, Saga, 849-0113
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meeting time

6:15 JR Kurume Station Suitengu Exit (West Exit) Rotary

At 6:45 Tenbuki Sake Brewery

how to access

・ About 10 minutes by car from JR "Kurume Station"
● Those who come by train from JR Hakata Station
↓ 5:13 "Hakata Station (JR Kagoshima Main Line stops at each station Omuta)"
↓ 6: 12 "JR Kurume Station"
↓ 6:15 "JR Kurume Station Suitenguchi (West Exit) Rotary Gathering"
↓ 6: 20 "Taxi departure (★You can use the free taxi delivery service)
parking No parking
* Please use the nearby paid parking lot.
* If you come by car, you will not be able to tasting alcohol.

Recommended accommodation facilities

Real sake brewery studying abroad

Hostel Ilfaro Kurume

A new landmark of Kurume that goes beyond the concept of the hotel. What we aimed for was Japan's highest quality hostel.
About 16 minutes by car to Tenbuki Sake Brewery

Per capita: 3,400 yen (tax included) ~

Real sake brewery studying abroad

Highness Hotel Kurume

Highness Hotel Kurume is a hotel located in the center of Kurume City. The hall has a banquet hall and a conference room in addition to accommodation facilities.
About 16 minutes by car to Tenbuki Sake Brewery

Per person: 5,980 yen (excluding tax) ~

Request for experiences

  • The day before and on the day of the sake brewing experienceCooking with natto and natto, oranges, yogurtPlease come without eating.
  • Please do not use perfume, strong scented cosmetics, hairdressing fees, etc.
  • Cut the nails short, nail polish and gel nails should be dropped.
  • During the sake brewing experience, please refrain from bringing things that may fall, such as ornaments and mobile phones.
  • During your work, you may be a cause of an accident, so please follow the instructions of your employees.
  • Please note that if you drive your car yourself, you will not be able to drink.
  • The warehouse has a special entry into the warehouse and permits the experience of sake brewing with the desire to know the work of sake brewing. Please participate so that you do not forget that feeling.

About new colon virus infection measures

Request for temperature inspection

On the day, please be sure to have a temperature measurement before departure. If a fever of 37.5 degrees or more is recognized, please cancel. We will pay a cancellation fee based on our cancellation policy.

Thoroughly washed and wear masks

In the sake brewery, please wear the mask at all times. (Please cooperate with your mask.)

[Saga Miyaki -cho | Tenbo Sake Brewery] Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad ★1 day brewer experience and tasting